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[INTERVIEW] With K.L. Shandwick by Emma Louise Aka SMUT READER

An Interview with the Author

K.L. Shandwick

Enough Isn't Everything

(The Everything Trilogy)

Hi K.L. Firstly, I want to thank you for taking the time out to do this interview. I bet 

you are extremely busy at the moment with Book #2' ‘ Everything She Needs’ recent 

release and the up and coming blog tour for book #3's release, ‘Everything I Want.’ 

So thank you very much on behalf of myself and everyone at 'We Luv Books'. Ok 

let's get down to the fun part, (settles down with a nice glass of wine and a bar of 

1) Can you tell your readers a little something about yourself? The ‘down and 

durty’ stuff’ if you have any!Okay, firstly thank you for having me. Pages such 

as ‘We Luv Books,’ are very important. Especially for independent authors. 

My full bio is on my website at, but for those that don’t 

know me yet, I’m married with grown up children and work in and independent 

capacity supporting families as my day job. I have come to reading and writing 

books later in life, mainly due to how difficult I found it as a child to do both. 

As an adult, I learned coping strategies and I think having my children helped, 

because I had to teach them to do the basics, which gave me a greater 

understanding of how MY mind worked. I went to university as an adult when 

my children were little and studied full time.Subsequently, I worked for many 

years as a midwife in the UK and had delivered my fair share of babies. 

(in the UK mw deliver about 80 of all babies born.) From there I have done 

further studies which lead to the role I currently do. My friends tell me I have 

a wicked sense of humor and my passions are music and skiing. If I could 

ski down a mountain reading a good book, listening to The Killers or One 

Republic it would be heaven!

2) What inspired you to put pen to paper, or finger to key board. Who do we have to 

thank for your writing?Hmm, that honor has to go to my friend Russ. We discussed 

a book which I didn’t feel gave me enough information to keep my attention. 

He challenged me to write a chapter of a book as an exercise to teach me how 

difficult it was, and the result was ‘The Everything Trilogy.’ It was never intended 

as a published work, or for anyone but me, but he encouraged me to share it with 

3) What is your method in writing? Do you plan or just let your fingers tell the story

and write?I never picked the subject matter, he said, English girl, travelling to the 

USA, to study music. I just wrote, and the story went where Lily took me. I just asked 

myself a series of questions about observations, feelings, reactions and a few other 

things and the story seemed to flow. (I hope)

4) What do you do for 'me' time?, well there isn’t a lot of that right now, we are in the 

middle of moving home, but whenever possible it is spending time with my family, 

skiing when we can, and going to see live bands. (Maroon 5 being the last one, 

thank you Adam I love you ;)

5) Alfie is my new Book boyfriend, nodding oh yessa. Who are your favorite 

characters from your books and from other books by different authors?I liked most 

of the characters in my books, but Alfie and Jack were great to write for. Lily drove 

me nuts, but I was trying to convey a twenty one year old girl with very little support

in the first book, who has a passion which is her main driver. I liked writing Jack and 

Lily’s humorous dialogues. My favorites from other authors well I can’t get passed 

Kellan Kyle from Thoughtless, SC Stephens and Jonah Noble, from Interview with A 

Master. Jason Luke. Two strong, male characters in different ways.

6) How did you find writing the intimate scenes between the characters? And 

which scene is your favorite? {Laughing} I blushed when I wrote the first book 

and my husband’s mouth gaped…A LOT actually, when I kept asking, “how does

this sound?”(I was getting funny looks too).The more I wrote, the more I became 

comfortable with it. It’s like anything really, the more you do it, the more you feel the 

emotions, reactions and passion of the characters. I came to love trying to convey 

the thoughts and feelings of each of the characters and trying to keep them true

to their individual characteristics. Favorite scene? I have two of this kind, book #2 

#Chapter 9, Book #3 Chapter 21. I can’t choose {laughs}.

7)Can you give us a little hint about where Lily is going to go in books 2 and 3, 

without any spoilers of course!! (Tell me later in secret ;-) No! {Laughs} What the 

series is intended for, is to convey the story of a girl that could be any girl making 

mistakes, but I like to think she develops as a young woman. It would be great 

if even one person recognized a situation that happened in the book that had 

happened to them, which they can relate to. She has a few twists and turns to come 

and there are some exciting times too, both for her, Alfie and their friends in the 

book. I tried to keep developing the characters. I hope you enjoy it and I am excited 

8) Finally, what should a reader know about you? What is the one thing the reader 

should take away from reading your books?The Everything Trilogy is a story. That is

what it was intended to be. I am not some great literary expert, far from it. I wanted 

people to be given a flavour of characters that they could get involved with. That’s

what I was aiming for, when I wrote it. It was for me and my friends really, so sharing

with you the readers makes me feel both nervous and very humble. It’s something I

never even dreamed I would ever do until it happened.

Thank you so much for taking the time out and doing this interview. I for one am a

BIG Fangirl of your work and will be following you and supporting you. Now I'm off 

to finish this bottle of wine and bar of chocolate with Lily and Book 2 Everything she needs....

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