Thursday, March 27, 2014

[BLOG TOUR] CONDUIT by Angie Martin

Excerpt from Conduit

Jake took her hands. “This isn’t something I’m used to. I only know that I want to see you 
“I need to see you again tonight,” Emily said. “I...I can’t explain that.”
“I can’t explain it, either. Nor would I have ever believed this would happen with us. Less 
than 48 hours ago, you were yelling at me.”
Jake laughed. “Oh, you were yelling at me without actually raising your voice.”
“I guess I was.” Embarrassed, Emily shook her head. “I’m so sorry about that.”
“No, no. You have nothing to be sorry about. But it’s part of this. I couldn’t understand 
why that happened at the party. Even though I’m sorry it happened because it invaded your 
Emily couldn’t stop the large smile from crossing her face. “I am, too. It really freaked me 
out at the time, but I’m glad it happened.”
“Why don’t I pick you up at seven tonight?”
“I have a better idea. I’ll text you my address. Let me cook for you tonight.”
“Home-cooked meal. Can’t argue with that.” He glanced at his watch. “Unfortunately, 
I have to get back to work now. Jury selection starts on Monday for the next big trial and I’m 
Emily furrowed her brow. “Are you sure it doesn’t make you uncomfortable that—”
“No,” Jake said. “I trust that your relationship with Nathan is in the past. You don’t seem 
like the kind of girl who would hold onto a flame for someone while starting one with another.”
“A flame, huh?” Emily moved closer to him and laced her fingers behind his neck. She 
rose up on the tips of her toes and pressed her lips to his. “Feels more like a fire to me. Seven 
“I can’t wait,” he whispered, and kissed her again.

Character introduction ~ Cassie Reid

Cassie Reid is the best friend and business partner of main character Emily Monroe. She worked
as a police officer for five years with full intention of becoming a homicide detective. One day
she answered a domestic violence call and was shot in the leg. She resigned from doing what she
loved and opened Monroe & Reid Investigators with Emily.
Cassie is a large presence in the book, boisterous and street savvy, with a large knowledge
of criminal behavior from her studies. She brings humor to the table and offsets Emily’s
personality. But don’t let her overly forward personality fool you; Cassie is intelligent and a
great investigator. As for her love life, Cassie dates around a lot, never really finding Mr. Right.
Her Uncle Leo is a Lieutenant in the Homicide Division of the Wichita Police Department, and
Cassie secretly pines for his partner, Shawn Brandt, a long-time crush she would never dream of
revealing to either Shawn or Uncle Leo.

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