Saturday, February 1, 2014

[REVIEW] UNcomplicated by Dawn Robertson & Jo-Anna Walker

BOOK: Uncomplicated
AUTHOR: Dawn Robertson & Jo-Anna Walker
REVIEWER: Agustina

Life used to be UNcomplicated. Now everything has changed.

Uncomplicated tells the story of Jennifer Sunshine, an exclusive Vegas Call-Girl. She is not like the others, all needy and looking for easy money. She just enjoys sex, and she excels at that. She only has sex with her clients. She does not want to have a boyfriend, have kids or get married, WAIT, that WAS BEFORE.

Mathis is an important and businessman, he owns lots of night clubs. He has money, women throwing at his feet. But something is missing, the most important thing.WAIT, that WAS BEFORE.

Jennifer and Mathis crossed paths. Something definitely will occur. Are they a perfect match? Will some events destroy or make them stronger?
One thing I can assure you: you will
LOVE the book. I ENJOY every single word of the book.

I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I WAS ACHING AT THE SEX SCENES, damn Mathis and Jennifer! First of all, I have to say that I LOVE that Jennifer was a Vegas Call-Girl and the fact that she did not do that for the money or because she did not have another choice. SHE FUCKING DOES THAT BECAUSE SHE LOVES HAVING SEX. I FUCKING LOVE HER AND HER RED HAIR. <3

Mathis is THE BEST. He was so understanding with her, so gentle (at times!. I love their  chemistry. Mathis being jealous, submitting, begging....Jennifer begging him to just FUCK HER HARD.

To conclude, have I talked about the sex scenes? Dawn and Jo-Anna, both of you EXCEL at writing them!! I FUCKING LOVE YA GIRLS <3. You are awesome. Cant wait to read more books written by you!

Ladies, grab some tissues, washcloth or whatever you want and DO NOT FORGET A BOB (haha)...because you are going to NEED THEM. It would be better if you do not use panties at all, cause you will be SOAKED all the time.

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