Thursday, February 6, 2014

Moon Angel (book#1) by F.W. Pinkerton

SOMETIMES OUR DESTINY FINDS US, whether we want it to or not
What happens when it gets dark and we start to dream?

Fifteen-year-old introverted teenager Katie Reynolds has always held a secret, only she does not know it yet. 
On her 16th birthday, she finally starts to unravel the mystery of what has been happening to her recently, when a set of mysterious presents, left to her by a grandmother she barely knew are given to her.
Her true path in life starts to form, , and she finds out that things really do go bump in the night, as chilling shadows lurk everywhere.
Will a mysterious stranger and a black cat with glowing purple eyes protect her? As Katie makes her way on a fantastic journey of discovery and adventure – She begins to learn her true destiny. 

Recommended for young adult readers. The MoonAngel series is a YAParanormal / Fantasy.

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