Monday, February 3, 2014

C. L. Champlain

About the Author
C.L. Champlain resides in a small upstate New York town. She has always had a love for reading, and recently decided to try to put her daydreams on paper. She loves writing about Ireland, where her grandmother's family is from, Scotland where her great grandfather was from, as well as the small upstate New York area where she resides.

Always a fan of romance, and myths and legends, she is enjoying writing Paranormal Romance and Contemporary/New Adult Romance Novels.

Ainsley Evina "Evi" MacLean has lost both of her grandparents within a year of each other. Her Grandfather left her a letter telling her that she needs to learn to live life outside of her books, because a book can never love her back.
Taking his advice, she sells her home, and decides to spend a year in Edinburgh, Scotland. 
While there in Scotland, she finds herself giggling over the adorable Scottish accents, and falling for two Scottish men.
Ian MacGregor is a dark haired, green eyed gentleman, who also happens to be a Professor at the University at Edinburgh, where Evi has signed up to take a course he teaches on Scottish History.Edwin MacMillan is a blue eyed, muscular, kilted God who runs the local Pub just up the road from Evi's cottage. 
Will one of these sexy Scots teach Evi to live and love outside of her books?

The second in the Scotland Romance series, this novella starts out with the story of how Evi’s grandparents fell in love so many years ago during a ten day vacation. 
We then catch up with Rury, to see who catches his eye, and perhaps his heart. 
Finally we catch up with Evi and Eddie, and see what comes next for them.
Originally book 2 was going to be either Neil’s Story or Ian’s Story. After I released Evi’s Story, several of my readers contacted me asking for more of the story on how Evi’s grandparents fell in love all those years ago. I adore my readers, and was only too happy to give them their wish!

Start the adventure in Fae of Lee: ~Saving~ (Formerly titled Saving Grace)Every day Dy wakes up in her own brand of horror in a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone. After it becomes clear that her fathers anger issues are endangering her family's life, Dy learns something about herself that will forever change her. Suddenly, her small town life doesn't seem so small and boring,as she sets out on an adventure to discover who she really is. Follow her on her journey, as she enters the world of Fae, druids, magic, warriors, soul mates, and blood bonds. Will her future be what has been foretold by the seers of Fae, or can Dy rewrite her future, and the future of her family, with the help of her warriors and friends? 
Continue the adventure in Fae of Lee~Uniting~ (Formerly titled Soul Mates) Now that Dy and Ari are blood bound, they must travel together to Tuath Aer (North Air) to Ari's father's kingdom. Once there they will try to create a peaceful alliance with his father's people so that they can join together to defeat the demons and druids. Can they convince the father Ari has never known, to join forces with them to protect humans and themselves? 
Continue the journey through Ireland, in to the world of Fae, demons, druids, and blood bonds. Will they learn how to use all of their gifts in time to protect everyone they love? Is sharing their special blood really safe for those they are trying to protect, or are they playing with a fire that may burn too hot? 
Finish the trilogy with Fae of Lee~Finding~ (Formerly titled Finding Dorothy) 
After battling demons and druids, Dorothy wakes up in a hospital with no memories of who she is or what she has done for her people. Our journey continues as our fairy warriors try to remind Dorothy of who she is and what she means to them before it is to late. 
Will they have enough time to remind her of who she is, so that she is ready to defeat the final threat and break the curse on the women of the O'Duggan family before anymore lives are lost? What will be the fate of Dorothy and her warriors as well as the people of Lee? 

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