Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[REVIEW] Eternally Alex (Alex Drake, #2) by Sarah Elizabeth Ashley

BOOK: Eternally Alex
AUTHOR: Sarah Elizabeth Ashley
REVIEWER: Agustina


Eternally Alex is th final part of the story of Alex Drake, an abused wife and mother. Now she is married to a sexy and super hot James Aconi. She feels complete. Things are starting to be good again. Are James and Alex going to have a good life without interuptions? That is what you are going to find in this book.
But somoene from James past is back. Alex and James still have to protect their perfect lives.
An attack will try to torn them apart, but love is stronger. And finally they will be able to be free and to accomplish their dreams together, because together thy are stronger.
The series is about a woman who is struggling to live, survive & find love again.
Throughout the series we can see a change in Alex, like a flower she blooms. From a weak, abused and sacry woman to a new and better version of herself. We are witnesses of her falling in love.

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It is never too late to fall in love & to accomplish your dreams.

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