Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[REVIEW] Crashing Back Down by Kristen Hope Mazzola

BOOK: Illicit Desire

AUTHOR: Kasey Millstead
REVIEWER: Agustina

***ARC provided by the author***
Crashing Back Down (Crashing, #1)Kristen`s style of writing is easy to follow. And the way she writes about losing someone feels so REAL. I cried a lot, i suffered, and i knew something bad was going to happend. I hate Meg (at the end)!

“I felt bad for trying to live a happy, full life, while my heart was buried in a dead man’s chest.”

Meg is a 24, and she has lost her husband while he was serving at the military service, it was AN ACCIDENT. She is lost, she is not her old-self anymore, but there is one person that is getting a response of her. He makes her feel, she feels alive, but at the same time she is afraid. What would people think? She needs to let go Randy, he would like her to live and to be happy. He would like her to fall in love again, even with his best friend, the hot as hell Walker. Is is good to cross the line, or is it bad?
Love, drinking, sex and crying is what happens in the book.

They are both suffering the lost of Randy, and they found some kind of "peace" in each other. But not everything is perfect.

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One notebook can change everything. Med does not let Walker explain his part of the story, she just freaks out and has a panick attack. And now it is too late, he is gone. Is it too late? Or are they going to have a second chance?

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