Monday, March 3, 2014

[REVIEW] Knockout by J.C. Valentine

BOOK: Kkockout
AUTHOR: J.C. Valentine
REVIEWER: Agustina

It´s not whether you get knocked down, it´s whether you get up  - Vince Lombardi
I love the way J.C. writes. Her words were perfect. It felt like I was part of the book. The description of all the situations and emotions, she did a great job. Everything felt so real. I was crying like a baby some times.
You´ve always protected me, and I guess the hardest part about it is that I lnow I can´t return the favor.

The storyline, that was something that I really enjoyed. Their lives were/are so hard and damaged. but the most important thing is what they have made of it. They are survivors, and now they have a second chance.

Jami is a fighter. His past was not good, he used to do illegal stuff, until het met his coach. He is a good man, he just needs someone to believe and love him, not the Judge.
Alyson is a sweet girl who loves helping women in their needing situations. She wants a better life for those women. She has experienced violence at a young age. She did not deserve that, but life is not fair. Her other half, her anchor was removed from her life. Thay both needed each other, he was the boy who made her feel safe, he protected her, and because of that she lost him. One night everything will change.
There was absolutely nothing hard about icing the balls of the guy you wanted to have sex with in front of a room full of eager men.
Something in his life was missing, the piece that will complete his puzzle. We have to remember that life is not easy.
Are they ready for a relationship? Will love destroy their lives? Will her life become a nightmare again?

J.C. Valentine did an excellent job. I could not put the book down. It was addictive, I needed more. Can´t wait for the second book. You left me on edge.

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