Monday, March 17, 2014

[REVIEW] Illicit Desire by Kasey Millstead

BOOK: Illicit Desire
AUTHOR: Kasey Millstead
REVIEWER: Agustina

"I would not mind being pushed away by Beau if he would come back for more" -Agustina Planisi

Illicit Desire, I love the book. Beau, he is my new book boyfriend.
I love the way the author writes. The book has everything I like.
Beau knew he could not have her, she was forbidden, but he could not help it. He needed her, so he used her, satisfied himself and pushed her away.
"Are all dicks that beautiful? If they are, I have no idea why men keep them tucked away. They should walk around naked and proud!" ( I think the same)
He was everything she has ever wanted, but he was always leaving her, she could not understand why...
Beau and Harlow are super hot together. They will never get enough of each other.
The Haymarket fireworks can wait, baby, cause we are about to make our own  Oh My.... Beau and his dirty talking, I fucking love it.
Harlow aka as Duchess, is a strong young lady. She fights for both of them, but there will be a time when love will not be enough, and Beau will have two options, fight for both of them or walk away for good. Will he be able to live without her?
I truly recommend the book, it has hot scenes, a happy ending, and you will enjoy reading it.

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