Monday, March 17, 2014

[REVIEW] Her Masters Courtesan

BOOK: Her Masters Courtesan
AUTHOR: Lily White

REVIEWER: Agustina

This is my first time reading a DARK book, so to call it. I was surprised it turned me on, there were times that I was shocked, maybe I am not ready for this kind of books. But I have to say that Lily is a great author. Her words captivated me, everything felt so real. If you like this kind of books, you are gonna love it. I really liked the book, I am not complaining, if I have the chance to read it again I will do it. I cried a lot with this book, poor Rebecca. I was torned between Master Aiden and Rebecca. I understand why did he do the things he do, the power and satisfaction that breaking a woman causes to him. But I could not stop thinking about Rebecca, she was not free, she did not have alife anymore. She lives now to please men. I love the way the Lily described everything, how the mind are awesome girl! You deserve an award for that! 
I will not tell you spoilers, because I want you to enjoy the book. I will just tell you why you should read it.
Master Aiden: I really wanted to hurt him and cause him pain. I would love to punish him. I just prayed that Rebbeca will obbey him and be a good girl. But I also loved her fighting him, what can I say, I love pain!!! Lets think, if she was good and obbeyd we will not be reading this, because that would be boring!

Lily is an awesome writer, cant wait to read more of her books!

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