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[REVIEW] Enough Isn't Everything By K.L. Shandwick

BOOK: Enough Isn't Everything 
AUTHOR: K.L. Shandwick

Book 1 of the Everything Trilogy.
Enough Isn't Everything
Out Now

By K.L. Shandwick

***** 5 Amazing Big stars  *****
WOW, This book was an incredible read.  You would not have believed this was K.L. Shandwick 1st Romance/Erotica Trilogy.  I know this won't be her last that's for sure.

Alfies Tattoo:- 'Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits'

K.L. Shandwick takes us on a journey from the UK to Florida with a girl called Lily.  A British girl who is following her dreams and studying music at a Florida college, she is set.  She soon meets Alfie, a little older but also studying music; he is a Tattooed slight bad boy who doesn't do commitment.  Lily finds herself falling for Alfie quickly, falling between the sheets with him and through their love of Music.  This story is told through music, with the playlist provided the songs and music are key throughout.

''Music is the sound of feelings and she listened to what he felt'' ~ Lily

Lily finds herself in a few different predicaments and for all Lily is at the fore front of this book I was finding the back round of Alfie's story making me wanting to turn the pages quicker.  You sense there is more to him, more he wants to give and show but he can't quite let himself give or show it.  I was devouring every moment when Alfie was talking to Lily, and screaming at K.L. Shandwick, telling her to just let him tell her whatever he needed to say.  The feelings I felt throughout took me on a ride, I gasped, laughed (out loud quite a lot), screamed, smiled and felt the raw Lust that they both had for each other..
Excerpt:-  We lay in silence for a few minutes until I spoke.  ''What are you thinking?''  I wasn't sure I wanted the answer after I asked him.  Suddenly I was Thinking he didn't want to continue as he hadn't completed what he'd wanted me here for.  ''You want to know....Seriously?  Lily, I don't know what you're doing here with me.''  I was stunned.  ''What do you mean?''  He turned his head to look at me.  ''You.  You are so fucking incredible.  You don't need to be with me.  You can have any guy you want out there, trust me....I've seen how men look at you.''

All Lily has been through she begins to doubt who she is anymore.  Alfie won't give her what she craves from him, he can't commit but he finds he can't live without her, with that she decides to take her journey back to where it all began and return to the UK.
Does Alfie know?  What will Alfie do?  Will Lily's journey open even more doors for her?  Will she return to Alfie? 
Book 2, Everything she needs is OUT NOW.
Book 3, Everything I want is released April 5th.
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