Monday, March 24, 2014

[REVIEW] Crimson Cloak: Born of Blood by Felicia Madura

Book: Crimson Cloak: Born of Blood
Author: Felicia Madura
Reviewer: Amber Taylor

Great book! The main character, Izzy, is someone you can relate to right off the bat. Not easy to do considering the book starts off with a terrible crime scene against Izzy and her family. She’s beaten
and left for dead, but is brought back to life when her mother’s blood accidentally drips into her mouth.

From that moment on, she’s a kick ass vampire.

The rest of the book sets up not only for this book, but for others as well. Izzy is learning about all of
her new powers, and even has some that other vampans (that’s a half human-half vampire creature like

herself) don’t have. Some things are learned the hard way, like her thirst for blood when she goes to

see her human boyfriend, Tom, and accidentally drains him.

Just when you think you have this book figured out, some new twists and turns pop up out of nowhere.

So a very worthwhile read for any vampire fan.

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