Wednesday, February 19, 2014

[REVIEW]Her Master's Kiss'' books 1-5 by Vivien Sparx

Book:  'Her Master's Kiss'' books 1-5
Author: Vivien Sparx
Reviewer: Emma aka Smut Reader

Vivien has been writing Romance and Erotica since her Teenage years, she usesbeautiful language throughout all her books, she never uses Profane language when writing sex/Erotica scenes which is hard to find in books, and I admire that very much. Every scene is always tastefully written. Her partner Jason Luke is now entering the world of writing Erotica in books of his own. Both are living the surf life in Austrailia and I´m sure have sun kissed skin writing on beaches for a living.Renee comes to Stefan for help, she is a lonely girl who is looking for reassurance, acceptance from her boyfriend and from the world in some aspects. She believes the lifestyle of a submissive is the way to get her relationship back on track. Stefan is a lost soul, he lost his wife 15yrs ago , he turned his back on the world, and walked towards becoming a Master and a Dominant; he teaches women how to submit there bodies, heart and soul to there Master. Only when Renee dropped to her knees and went into 'Position 1' he didn't expect to start to fall in love with the small woman in front of him.

''The Master and Submissive

Relationship extends beyond the 

bedroom Renee. It is a total 

relationship. It is a way of life that 

works for many, may people. And it 

works because it is the natural 

order of things.....''

With a twist of fate Renee discovers her boyfriend isn't the boy she thought he was and realises the man she loves has been in front of her through her whole Submissive learning curve. She promises to give herself whole heartedly without question to her Master Stefan. On the journey things turn with acertain Master Larry Madden, a master cold, brutal, abusive and both Renee and Stefan take his Sub Tink under their wings and a family is being built right in front of them. Stefan rediscovers what love is and grabs onto Renee with both hands, he lays himself out in front of her and strips himself bare of his control dominant side.

''The story of us. It's beautiful. Simply

Soon the past catches up to them and their marriage is pushed beyond the barriers, they break the barriers down that kept them in the bubble they had built around them. They find that they are jumping another hurdle on this rocky road, to find smooth surface once again. With baby Storm on the way there lives are perfect once more but how much can one couple take, the cruel world that they live takes away the one thing they most treasure leaving Renee empty and Stefan doubting that he can be the man he should be to support Renee. With baby storm gone they have come to the end of their road they have been racing down with know where to go the only place they know where they will find strength and solitude is with each other, can they find each other in the dark tunnel they have went through. Will they find each other in a place where they are both happy. Will Vanilla in a relationship be everything they need or will Stefan go back to his roots and find Renee in 'Position 1' waiting for her Master to return?

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