Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[REVIEW] This Girl Stripped by Dawn Robertson

BOOK: This Girl Stripped
AUTHOR: Dawn Robertson
REVIEWER: Agustina

I received and ARC. Wow. This book was fantastic. The author show us again that she excels at writing. All the emotions felt so real, it was like i was part of the book. I could relate to Paisley Bloom a lot. This is (for me) the best book in the series. This is not only Paisley´s story. We will see Star and her new life, and Seven, the strong woman that Paisley admires. For me Seven is such a hero. Shit happens, but the important thing is what we make of it. This book was a rollercoaster of emotions, Dawn sure knows how to write. I laughed, I cried, I was fucking wet, and i stressed myself because all of the drama.
This is for you Dawn, I fucking love you. 24 is my favourite number, Paisley is 24. I always try to find a book when someone had an abortion. I love red haired woman, and Paisley is red haired. YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE. THE BEST.

Paisley’s story is very heart breaking, it is so fucked up. She has a major trauma and runs to big “sister’ Seven to protect her. But she can not avoid Star forever. Things are not as expected. Is she ready to trust men? We all have demons, we are all fucked up in some ways. River is so kind to her, asn she starts falling for him, too fast and too soon. He is good with her, but he has his own battles to fight, so he keeps pushing her away.
We all made choices and we all regret some of them, but sometimes it is too late.
Paisley is in love with two men, one is River, the one who keeps pushing her away. One moment theya act so hot together and the other is so damn cold. He is worst than a girl with PMS. He drives her crazy! Then we have Diesel, he is like a teddy bear (do not get me wrong, like a teddy bear with batteries haha). He is so sweet and tender with her, but he also fucks her fast and rough.
Now she is given a second chance, she will not ruin it this time. She has to decide between River and Diesel. She knows deep inside that Diesel is the best choice, he is calm he does everything she wants, he does not push her away.  But right now she has other things to take care of, like, who is the father of the baby she is carrying? I am 100%  #TeamRiver what can i say, i just love hot mess, he needs to heal, i could help him! Control freak, and short tempered man, River could be a daddy. Or maybe the accountant, hot as hell BI-SEXUAL motrobiker.
But this is not the end, there will be another problems which I will not tell. Someone will get married, others will have babies and another person will loose it. Demons from Paisley past will appear again. 
Be prepared and warned. You will cry, you will be stressed and your panties will be wet. This book has so good material for upcoming books. Like I said earlier, this is not only Paisley ´s story.

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