Thursday, February 20, 2014

[REVIEW] Possessed by You by Jo-Anna Walker

BOOK: Possessed by You
AUTHOR: Jo-Anna Walker
REVIEWER: Agustina

I love the way Jo-Anna writes, it is like I was hypnotized. Her writing pleased me, it also make me horny as hell. Oh Gosh, I fucking love Brett. I love this story, Evvie is the best, I like that she is not the typical girl, she is UNIQUE, she knows what she wants and goes for it. She is brave and fights for what she wants. Her life was not easy, she can be strong, but she has her moments of weakness. 
This is my favourite book. And Jo-Anna is one of my favourites authors.  You shoulg give it a try at her books. You will not be dissapointed. I like what you write, many people do not understand, it is not just sex for me (I love the hot steamy scenes you write, keep doing that, next time I read your books I will not wear panties) I love your characters and all the bullshit they have. No one is perfect, we are who we are. We do not need to change to be loved. 
I am enchanted, fascinated, delighted, and captivated by your work. I can keep on saying words, but they will never be enough.
Jo-Anna you are fuckazingawesolovable(you are fucking amazing, awesome and lovable)
Brett is a dominant  guy. He wants CONTROL, and he wants HER. Will one night be enough? Can he get her out of his system? He is my new book boyfriend, I would not mind being spanked by him.

Evvie has a new job, one that her father and brothers will not like. But for once in her life she wants to feel free. Can you imagine a life living with three overprotective brothers and your father? She sure knows how to stand up for herself. She's a sassy, take no shit kinda girl. She has developed a skill to deal with that specimen. She loves them not matter what, but they can also be a pain in the ass. She does not want to be treated like a fragil girl, for once in her life she wants to be treated as an equal.

The asshole she has just met is her boss. He is hot as hell,  he is every wet dream a girl fantasies about. She has been warned about guys like Brett. But she feels something, like strong energy between them. Is she going to ignore it or will she go for it?

Opportunities like these are very unique. A night with Brett sounds yummy. But after that night, will they want more?

Sex is their own paradise, when they are together they can not get enough from each other. They need the other like they need oxygen to breathe. Every new encounter is hotter than the previous one. The temperature is rising. Their bodies ask for more, and this is when the feelings are starting to bloom. Or maybe they were there but Brett and Evvie were too scared to let the other know about that. Are they ready to be in a relationship? Or is it too soon?
Relationships are not perfect, people need to trust in each other. TRUST, this is an issue between Brett and Evvie.

Bad things take place. Evvie´s brother is in jail, AGAIN. His father goes out of it, but soon she could loose him. Evvie is devastated, she needs Brett. But he also has his own demons, his own battles to fight.

This is a breaking point. Brett is not telling Evvie the truth, and he breaks her. Will she recover? He will tell her some of his demons, but there are others that will remain hidden in the dark.

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