Sunday, February 16, 2014

[REVIEW] Mark (In the Company of Snipers) by Irish Winters

Mark Houston, an American Marine,  has fallen in love with Libby, his best friend´s fiancée. But now he has to do one thing, tell her that Jon will not come back, he was killed.
Mark hopes that in her heart there will be space for his love, but she just tells him that he is her only friend, not a good beginnig.

Mark is the perfect man to be a friend, when you see him all you wanna do is hug him so tightly, he is the teddy bear every girl wants to have. Is that enough for him? He loves Libby, the question is, does she love him back? She has lost hers fiancée, but things between them were not good. Now it is time to heal and rediscover herself.

From there Mrs. Winters takes you on an amazing adventure involving the FBI, TEAM’s covert ops, drug smuggling, shoot outs, love like you’ve never seen it unfold.

Mark needs to be loves, will Libby be the one?

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