Saturday, February 8, 2014

[REVIEW] The Lonely Girl (Lonely Girl #1) by Gracie Wilson

BOOK: Illicit Desire
AUTHOR: Kasey Millstead
REVIEWER: Agustina

Becca´s life is a lie. She is broken and  lost. She lost his boyfriend, and she feels guilty. Ans she is about to learn a lot of things that might destroy her. She thought she has suffered enough, but it is never enough.
She is with Dylon because he is the opposite to Michael, he is all possesive, he seems violent, but he has not hurt her, YET. She is not in love with him, she just feels like she deserves him, because she knows that bad things will happen with him.
While being on the University she will meet new people, she will fall in love, and her life will become hell. She will be hurt, but she will hurt others at the same time. Becca will not always make the right decisions, maybe she will regret it later. She will be thinking, what if...? But now it is too late. A rollercoaster of events will haven, she si too damaged, and there are things that she can not handle.
Jake is a good friend, he understands her, and he cares a lot (maybe too much) about her. Keenan is her brother´s best friend, will she fall in love with him? He will complicate her life, that is for sure. They are not ready to be in a relationship, it is too soon. Both of them need to communicate, but they are not good at it. She can not trust him after everything that has happened. He is so crazy about her that he does not let her explain, like ever. He just assumes things, and that is not good for a relationship.

Will Becca be AGAIN a lonely girl? Can someone help her resolve the puzzle her life is?
Secrets will be revealed, people will get hurt, wrong decisions will be made. The big question is, are they stronger to survive this hurricane of actions and emotions?
This is definitely a cliffhanger. You will hate the characters (at some point). you will love them also. You will be thrilled about the end.

This is me when I finished reading it. 

I love reading this book. It is a heartwarming and breaking story. I need the second one like RIGHT NOW. The author did an excellent job, she is a genius, i LOVE HER <3. This book is  a rollercoaster of emotions. I was hooked on page one. . The story will keep you from page one till the end, and then you will be asking for more. Gracie did a great job at getting you to feel the emotions from the characters. I highly recommend this book  to anyone looking for a book that makes you realize it's not all roses and candies in life. Life is hard, payback is a bitch. We all make mistakes, but we have to learn how to be strong. That process is not an easy one, we will be hitting rock bottom. But at the end we will see the bright light, and we will be happy. Is all worth at the end?
This  reading was a rollercoaster of emotions. There were times that I hated Becca, others I hated Keenan. But what can I say, I love suffering !! This book does not a happy ending, it will leave you wanting more and more.

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