Tuesday, February 25, 2014

[REVIEW] Escaping Safety (the Sanctuary Trilogy) by Bonnie Gwyn

BOOK: Illicit Desire
AUTHOR: Kasey Millstead
REVIEWER: Agustina

The Sanctuary, the place Christina has been told that it was a safe place, and promissed her she will always be safe there. But not everything is true. Officials offer safety in exchange for captivity. She is suspicious of them. Alex is being strange, and that makes her question a lot of things. HOPE, this is something Chritina find when she meets the Rebels, she has an opportunity to see the real world. Freedom is all she has ever wanted. That chance will be taken away from her hands. The rebels left her behind. Will she forget about that and live a monotonous life along Alex? Can the Rebels show her the real world that coud offer her a happily ever after?

I could not put the book down. Bonnie knows how to captivate the readers. Cant wait for the upcoming books.

I love the story she is telling us. Christina wants to be free, she does not want to live a lie, she wants to see the real world. The Rebels has the power to give her that opportunity.

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