Tuesday, February 11, 2014

[REVIEW] Determined and Derailed (Storm Corp, #1) by Gracie Wilson

BOOK: Determined and Derailed
AUTHOR: Gracie Wilson
REVIEWER: Agustina

Life is a chaos. Alexis has lost her parents. And then his brother. That was her undoing. She is the CEO, and she wants to show everyone that is is a good one. She did not know a thing about computers, but now she excels at it.
Life is hard for her, nothing comes easy. Why does she always has to suffer? She knows that life isn't a little pink cupcake that your mother baked you.
She will discover some secrets that will put her life in danger, but she is a strong woman that will fight, she will not just sit and stare. She will take part and will decieve the bad guys in order to make justice.

Friendships will be tested. Loyalties  will  be betrayed. Alexis will not know who to trust. She is alone now.

She was always in love with Nolan,his brother´s best friend; but he hurt her, and betrayed her by not telling her the truth. She gave him something precious and then he left her.
Then we have Cohen, her new employee and best friens. She loves him but sometimes life is cruel and you will not have the chance to do things right. He took car of her, at the end he just saved her, thta was the proof of his true love.
Then we have Jax, a guy she used to know, her childhood crush. Now he is a man, a hot piece of man! He loves her, and she does that too. But she is not ready to make a decision. Her life is in danger, everything is a chaos.

Who will she trust? Will she give her heart to someone? Or does her heart has an owner and she has not realiized it  yet?

People she loves are in danger, and some of them are dead. Who is next?
The only thing she needs to do is stay alive. Is she able to do that?

I just love it! I suffered all the time, i needed answers! I am #TeamJax ! The author is a genius, the story is like a spider web! You are gonna love it. I could not put it down. It is an amazing book. I ca not wait for the secind one. The end....I knew that that was going to happen. But I was speechless, because a lot of questions appeared...so that is why I need the second book.
This is not a book where a girl falls in love with a guy, she falls in love with 3 of them! And she can not make a decision. Life is hard, people betrayed her, and she will fight back. She learnt one lesson, NOT TO TRUST ANYONE.

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