Sunday, February 23, 2014

[REVIEW] Destiny Begins: Prequel Novella (The Twin Destinies Saga) by Cheryl Davis

BOOK: Destiny Begins
AUTHOR: Cheryk Davis
REVIEWER: Agustina

This is a YA novel. We meet Angelica and Thomas, they can not talk to each other, we do not know why (when you read the book you will lnow the reason). Their families have an issue. But their bound is so strong that they can not let it pass. Destiny has chosen them to be together. They will get to know the other, and a couple of months after they accepted their bound and are together the storm will originate. Not everyone is happy about them together. One night everything will change.

It was a good story, it is not a topic that we read every day, so it was refreshing. The book is an easy reading, there are  lot of things we are not told, things that are only mentioned, like all the time Thomas spends with Angelica. They have only kissed one time, and then after two years.....There was a gap. It is a great book by the author. I would like to read Cora and Viola´s books.

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