Monday, February 3, 2014

[REVIEW] Atancia by Wren Figueiro

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Atancia is a paranormal romance novel for young adults. It is the first book of The Durand DuologyAtancia `s heart flutters, her breath catches and she can’t control her emotions the way she used to. She is a young lady who is shy and strong; she does not have a lot of friends. But one night she goes to a party and there she meets Ben, a young man who is captivated by her, or so she thought.They spent a lot of time together, she wants him so bad...but he is gone to Australia. They keep talking all the time, both of them are craving for each other. Was their meeting a coincidence or just luck? In the meantime Atancia is trying to find information about her mother. She doesn’t know anything about her family history as her mother left her when she was just a child for her own protection. What does she need to be protected from? But things are going to change. She will discover a new world. Are the changes good or bad? Ben will introduce her the world of Durands.Things are not okay, her Nana died, she can not be in her house anymore. She needs to leave, and Ben will take her to Australia. The only thing her mother said to Nana was, if you are in danger just run away. Her only advice was to trust the one`s she was not able to lie.And then we have Matt, one of Ben`s brother. He is gorgeous, and Atancia wants him, her body is betraying her. 
I really enjoy reading the book. It is my favorite Paranormal Romance. I have a thing for love triangles! I have to say, I am #TeamMatt. The story is so refreshing! I COULD NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN. Wren Figueiro did an excellent job with guiding the reader with a thread of suspense. The story was crafted with enough twists, turns to keep the reader’s interest!It is such a great storyline, and the characters! I enjoy all the description of places, the author did a great job! Cant wait for the second book. Have I said that I am #TeamMatt ? I like more when she is with him instead of Ben :)A great read full of love and intrigue. You are never sure where the story is going to take you next. The end was awesome! I never see it coming!

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