Friday, February 7, 2014

[REVIEW] Angels Dawn by Komali da Silva

BOOK: Angels Dawn
AUTHOR: Komali Da Silva
REVIEWER: Agustina



I kind of like "love triangles". I must say that I did not like Nat, he was too good, and I do not like good boys anymore. I am nos saying that Anglelo was good or bad, he was mysterious and super hot. And who does not like that kind of boys? I sure love them.Dawn is the perfect girl, everyone loves her, she is also the perfect daughter. Everything about her is perfect, but perfect can be boring...and the best way to have fun can be with the new boy in town.They are drawn to each other, they have a bound so strong. She can hear him in her head, she wants him so bad.Dawn doesn't want to hurt Nat, yet she can't shake her feelings for Angelo. So she will make a decision, was the right one? But things are complicated now, something feels weird. Angelo is hiding something from her, and it could be something dark. Why is Angelo acting so weird around Bonita? Are they together? Are they really only friends?Angelo is the epitome of trouble, and Dawn will not avoid him.
Can one trust someone blindly? Can love overcome all the obstacles? Dawn is in danger, and her guardian angel feels that something is wrong, but he does not know what it is. Can he save her? Or it would be too late?Their lives are in danger, their love is going to be tested...Is their love strong enough?
I must say that I like thos book, some parts I did not (like the beginning). Everything was so perfect...Komali da Silva, you did a great work with the book, i love it! You are a mena girl, the end....I was speechless, I need to read the second book RIGH NOW, I an a needy girl.

What I like about this book.

* The angels .
* I'm left wanting more and can't wait for the next one.

What I didn't like about this book.

* Everything that was perfect


I would love to read more books by Komali.

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