Sunday, February 16, 2014


Hi Bloggers!

Books Publicity is needing you :) There is a new release day blitz event, on March 1st for The Lonely Girl (The Lonely Girl #1) by Gracie Wilson.

Here is the cover and blurb if you are interested please sign up HERE.

What if one day you woke up and found your heart had been shattered? You lost the one person you loved more than anything. 

What happens when you learn to move on even though you thought you'd never be able to again? Is it worth the risk to try and let someone in? Is it better to be left alone then take the chance of more heartache?

This time will be different. Becca slowly starts to put the shattered pieces of her heart back together only to have it broken again by someone she trusted. Can her heart that was barely healed in the first place be fixed, again? 

Becca falls for someone new, but will her heart be safe. Will she survive the secrets that come out from the past? Love is worth the risk. Can she really believe that? The question is: is he worth the risk?

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