Sunday, January 19, 2014

[REVIEW] First Chance: Rock Romance #1 by A. L. Wood

****ARC provided by the author.****

Natalie Wright is emootionally hurt. She is hiding herself from the rest of the world. Her paradise is music. She only has one friend, Layla. They are so different, but they love each other. 
Meet Ryan "Steele" Hurst, lead singer in the rock band "Steele's Army". They are the image of bad boys, what is that true? He wants to break Natalie, the only woman who did not enjoy their presentation at the University, the one that ran away.

Natalie and Steele had never felt like this before, they share a connection, a bound. They were more than attacted to each other,this is more than lust, they do not know what it is, but they feel it . Are they going to make it work?

More than one person on the book is broken. The author show us people that are hurt, they are weak but at the same time they are strong. She made a perfect work describing the feelings and emotions. They feel so real.

Two lost persons collide into each other. Are pain, jealously,and guilt stronger than this two lost souls?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)

I would rather live in a constant of fear and worry than numb. At least I am alive and feeling. -Natalie

"I am not singing that song with you, it is about cheaoing the meaning of love, Degradation of women. An example of everything I despise in mainstream music" -Natalie

A woman is worth one night only to me, after that I am good. why ruin a sexually adventurous experience. -Steele

Looking in the mirror, the stranger I see, the sadness that consumes me, I know she is me. But I do not know whi she is, not anymore. -Natalie

I am not a god damn pervert, her virtue is safe with me but she does not need to know that just yet. -Steele

I see a desperate weeping soul, needing to be held and loved. In him, I see myself looking back at me. He is lost. -Natalie to Liam. 

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