Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[REVIEW] Not Enough (Parker Siblings #1) by Leigh Ann Lunsford

****The book was given to me by the author.****

Meet Brielle, Colby,  Addison and Tyler.

Brielle is strong but at the same time she is weak. She does not want to open up with her sister because she does not want to split Addison´s relationship with their parents.

Eight years ago something happened. And that changed their lives for the best. Their grandparents gave the Parker siblinggs (Brielle, Addison, Cambree and Dustin) love. They raised them.

Now Brielle is back from College. She needs to find and fix herself. But she meets the hot new boy in town, Colby.

He is determined to get to know her and make her his.

Life was starting to be good, but the bad things were taking place too. Even when bad stuff happens, love is stronger, right?

I really enjoyed reading the book. I loved the way they communicate with songs. The moment the author wrote Everything has Changed by Taylor Swift, i really loved it.

"Shit happens every day in life. What matters is how you handle that bullshit. There is nothing you can not get through or get ovwer as long as you wan to."

I knew something bad was going to happen, but the way the author handle the situation was incredible, awesome. They did not just kiss and make up, they have to suffer and fight for their love.


"Everyone loves Brielle, or hates her a little, but any guy in Centerville would do anything for her." What? No other guy in this town will be doing shit for her; that will be my job. -Colby

"Brielle, what i am craving better never be on my menu." -Colby

Bingo. This girl is not immune to me. -Colby

I am no ashamed to call myself a book whore, but that is the only kind of whore I am. -Brielle

All I can think about right now is punishment fuck, and I have not even had sex yet. -Brielle.

"Colby Mason James, we all make mistakes. Some we can come back from and some we can not." -Brielle

I wonder now how I could have doubted his love. Yes, he gave me reasons, but he gave me so many more to trust in his love too. -Brielle

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