Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Barely Surviving #1 by Courtney Cross

Barely Surviving

“He was captivating, scorching hot and wickedly tempting. The epitome of power and strength encased in the body of an angel and he had possessed me. Need for him coursed through my veins white hot and I had been incomprehensively burned”

Our connection had been instant, intense and all consuming, seriously unexplainable to most, but crystal clear to us.

Jonah Jacobson was the summation of all my fears, nightmares and smouldering deep desire. After living a life that knew only pain, violence and fear inflicted by successful, power driven men, everything he signified should have repelled me but it didn’t.

The driving force of our bodies needing to merge was immediate from the day he walked into my life. I was beyond wealthy, heiress to millions, but inside I was a numb, empty shell that he saw. He saw what lay within, the poison that runs through my veins. He saw the real me. And still he wanted me anyway.

But I also had secrets. Secrets I believed, if they were to be released, would shatter both our lives and destroy the tangible pulse of vibrant male sexuality the other half of my soul required to live.
Jonah had his own torment to bear, his own tragedies and heartbreak to carry. Both tired of barely surviving, my biggest fear was if our secrets were to be unleashed and truths were told, the lifeline he gave me would break and so would my heart, Forever.

'Wherever you go sweetheart I will see you. I've always seen you' - Jonah D.L

"I would have trusted in YOU. I would have given YOU the chance to explain to me. I could never walk away from you ever. If you cheated on me, I'd bare it, just to at least have you partly in my life. I meant it when I said you are it for me Ava, there will never be anyone else. Where you're concerned I'll take whatever I'm privileged enough to get." - Jonah D.L
'I'll fuck you like no other baby, but that's all you get. I'm just not capable or inclined to stay with a woman longer than the time it takes her to come' - 'Jonah'

I will be reading the book, and i will be posting the review

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